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The fall (France) by Jérémy May

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"We don’t know if Elliot Rodger was mentally ill. We don’t know if he was a “madman.” We do know that he was desperately lonely and unhappy, and that the Men’s Rights Movement convinced him that his loneliness and unhappiness was intentionally caused by women.
Because this is what the Men’s Rights Movement does: it spreads misogyny, it spreads violence, and most of all it spreads a sense of entitlement towards women’s bodies.
Pretending that this is the a rare act perpetrated by a “crazy” person is disingenuous and also does nothing to address the threat of violence that women face every day. We can’t just write this one off – we need to talk about all of the fucked up parts of our culture, especially the movements that teach men that they have the right to dominate and intimidate and violate women, that lead to this, and we need to change things. Because if we don’t, I guarantee that this will happen again. And again. And again."

- Elliot Rodger And Men Who Hate Women (via fucknosexistcostumes)

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This is the video made by the UCSB shooter, explaining why he chose to murder women in retaliation for being romantically rejected.

ETA: I am seeing some bloggers say we shouldn’t be sharing this video because it gives this guy attention.  Firstly, he’s dead now, so it really doesn’t matter if we ignore him or not.  Secondly, I think it’s VITALLY important that women are able to witness the type of attitude and thinking of someone who would commit such an atrocity.  Watching this video could help individuals identify red flags in potentially violent men in the future.  Watching this video can help us recognize the difference between an annoying, romantically-spurned dude and a man with a level of entitlement that creates a desire for vengeance.  That is why I’m sharing this video.  Because we need to know the attitude of men out there (and, like it’s been noted in articles about this case, this guy is NOT ALONE in his thinking.  He belonged to several webforums where he expressed these views among men with the same beliefs and is now being lauded by them as a hero.)  This is a video that needs to be seen, for our safety.

TW for misogyny and death threats

"If I can’t have you, girls, I will destroy you

I’m so glad he’s dead wow

actual quotes from just the first couple of youtube messages:

"Complete loser, refused to think outside the box. He had money, could have gone on a sex tour to SE Asia if getting laid was that important to him. He was a member of PUAHATE which suggests self-defeating behavior. PUA techniques have evolved a lot in just the last few years and are quite effective, so why didn’t he learn them if he wanted to get laid? I was young once and can understand his frustration, but this rampage was the sign of a true double loser."

"Good job dude. I fucking hate women."

"Totally lost contact with reality. like most of todays youth."

"He obviously had some money - more than most 22 year olds. Did he not know that the world has an abundance (sadly) of girls would fix his virginity problem for some cash?"

"If he disrepected women to their faces, then he would not have had a problem. The more you degrade a woman, the more pussy and head she gives you."

"The guy basically from a disorder called being a whiny-pussy-faggot."

"As a nice guy I will say that I don’t think it entitles me to shit but consideration just like any other positive trait. But to play devils advocate being a dick got their attention didn’t it. Not saying that it’s right but he’s no longer an unobserved fly on the wall. Bitches know his name now."

"The sad part is, this guy is now suffering far worse torment than what he suffered while he was still among the living.   Satan had complete control of this guys life.”

Never forget that this man’s line of thinking is NOT isolated to just him.

Never forget there are men celebrating and justifying this man’s actions.

Never forget that people are already blaming the victims and women in general for this man’s actions.

Never forget that if this was a man of another race, the media and general population would be treating and speaking about him in a very different way.

Never forget that systemic misogyny is a war being fought against us.

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"My father used to say, “Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument."

- Archbishop Desmond Tutu (via te-hya)

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Yup. Pretty much.

I have never seen a political cartoon so beautifully and succinctly describe the modern Republican, and I’ve seen some good ones mind you.

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